River Tours A.G.

Our history

River Tours has many years experience in river cruises at our command; this is why we are able to offer you a travel experience which is both unforgettable and definitely refined.

River cruises have been in our mariner family's blood for almost four decades. Our dynamic company began as long ago as 1972 with freight and tanker shipping. We eventually put our first passenger ship into commission in 1994.

We took over the MS Switzerland in 2003. The ship was completely refurbished and brought up to modern-day standards. To this day, the MS Switzerland offers international luxury river cruises up to a four-star standard. At the same time, the ship is completely under our direction – from the hotel catering up to the technical and nautical management.

Our visions: A look into the future.

We are presently building a new five-star passenger ship using the latest ordinances and valid safety regulations. The ship will be manned with suitable crew members after its projected completion in 2010. Our office in Basle will be responsible for selling ship charter space.

Our present new construction

completed in 2010