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Romantic villages, stunning river valleys and historic castles
The very special atmosphere of Belgium will inspire you. Even the beautiful Flemish art cities, the medieval Bruges, the city of Antwerp and Rubens, the imperial city of Ghent are well worth a lengthy visit.
Its long path leads it from the alpine glaciers down to the North Sea, it joins Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands: the Rhine - one of the most significant and impressive shipping routes in Europe.
Here, international top-quality wine grows in the mild climate, here, culture steeped in tradition and French Savoir-vivre are joined together with a varied natural landscape: The wine and holiday region along the Mosselle will delight you with its many facets. Historic towns such as Trier, Bernkastel or Cochem await your rewarding stay.
The Main channels its way from the East to the West - unusual for a central European river. The largest tributary of the Rhine runs along the Franconian low mountain range, meandering through important wine-growing regions and tree-covered hills.
It unites many worlds and is, therefore, also called the Europe Channel: The 171 km long Main-Danube Canal runs from Bamberg via Nuremberg to Kelheim. The channel overcomes the European watershed with 16 locks and a height difference totalling 243 metres.
The Danube, the heart of Europe: the second longest continental river, after the Volga, guides you through metropolises steeped in history and past many historic structures.
The Neckar joins Baden-Württemberg - on its 367 km long way from the source in the nature reserve Schwenninger Moos to the estuary into the Rhine at Mannheim.
The waterways of the Netherlands - a very special experience: countless canals and rivers characterize the entire country.


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