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20. Jul. 09 Scheduled launching for the new ‘Excellence Royal’

The ceremonious naming of the ‘Excellence Royal’ ship took place recently. The new 5 star cruise ship of RIVER TOURS AG left the Karadeniz shipyard in the Turkish port of Yalova on schedule, after a shipbuilding period of only eight months. The luxurious river cruiser will be commissioned at the beginning of 2010, after the interior fitting-out that is following on now.

The hull, i.e., the ship´s completed buoyant hull, is now on its way to Druten in the Netherlands via the Black Sea. The complete interior fitting-out of the ‘Excellence Royal’ will be finished there at the Gerlien van Tiem shipyard from September of this year onwards.

The ship is equipped with ultra-modern technology and it complies with all of the currently applicable safety regulations. The passengers expect a stylish and luxurious ambience on board, which exclusively forms the suitable setting for a special kind of voyaging experience.

Experienced technical employees of RIVER TOURS AG were responsible for the ship´s planning and design. These technicians are also accompanying the further superstructure, which will be carried out by prestigious and reliable partner companies.

The ‘Excellence Royal’ will be underway on West European rivers, after its commissioning next year. The ship can be chartered through RIVER TOURS in Basel.

Please click here for prints showing the launching of the ‘Excellence Royal’.

You can find information about our partners on the following internet sites.

Gerlien van Tiem www.gerlienvantiem.com
Willemsen Interieurbouw www.willemsen-interieurbouw.nl
Rensen Shipbuilding www.rensenshipbuilding.nl