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Is the water on board ship and in my cabin drinking water?

The water on board ship is certified as drinking water and is stored according to health regulations.

What voltage is on board?

On board voltage is 220V.

How much luggage may I bring with me?

You may bring as much luggage as you like. You have the possibility of storing one suitcase under each bed per berth/per bed.

What documents do I need on board?

You will need a passport with at least six months validity left. Local customs harbour officials have the right to request a passenger list and/or crew list when the border is crossed together with the appropriate passports/travelling documents.

Can the ship be reached during my stay on board?

The ship can be reached at all times:
Mobile phone: 0049-170 47 58 102
Fax: +49 170 47 58 103
E-Mail: switzerland@schipperij.nl

It is also possible to send e-mails from on board ship using this e-mail address.

What language is spoken on board ship?

As well as the native language of our crew members, the official language is German and/or English - whereby the language spoken on board is always determined by the nationality of our guests. Our crew on board ship are naturally always available to answer any questions or requests in the appropriate language.

What is the currency on board ship?

The currency on board is the Euro. Moreover, all established credit cards are accepted, for example, Visa, MasterCard and EC cards.

How is tipping on board ship handled?

That is completely up to what you are used to. The guideline value is €5 per passenger per day.

What happens to lost articles on board ship?

Lost articles are given directly to the travel guide at the end of the trip or sent on to the travel operator. These will ensure that your property is be returned.

What should be done with ship's property that may possibly have been taken, for example, a cabin key?

In this instance, please contact: info@river-tours.ch or return the article to the following address:

River Tours Ag
Singerstrasse 8 
Postfach CH-4002
Basel Schweiz

Is it possible during my stay on board ship to telephone using an external network?

A telephone is in every cabin which can be used for both internal and external phone calls. You can receive further information once on board ship. Please note, that telephoning on board ship is via satellite - with the corresponding costs.

Are daily newspapers available?

As far as is possible, current newspapers will be supplied.  These will, however, be editions which are already a day old. Moreover, you can hand your postcards to the reception and we will post them on the same day if at all possible.

Where can I book my travel?

You can book your travel with various travel operators in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, England and in the USA. Please contact your travel organisation or send an e-mail to us at: info@river-tours.ch

By the way: your arrival and departure are always  included in the booking.

Is the ship suitable for other occasions?

Apart from passenger trips, our ships are also used for various purposes - for incentives, product presentations, company excursions, receptions, meetings... and much more.

Outside the cruising season, the ships are regularly used as floating hotels for fairs in various German towns. We are available for any other enquires under 0041 61 373 30 19 or by e-Mail at info@river-tours.ch


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